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All the important questions answered.  Here we talk about what makes Cycling Warehouse a one of a kind website.  If you cant find the information your after here, head to the contact us page and reach out.


1) How quickly will my order ship:

We work closely with our partners to deliver the best product on time.  Ultimately we would prefer to exceed your expectations all of the time, however due to the nature of logistics, international shipping and our reliance on 3rd parties to support us we do occasionally see inconsistent delivery times.

We roll with a "No Bull, No Frills" approach.  We see more orders typically arrive within 13 and 25 days from date of purchase.  


2) Will COVID delay my order:

It could.  No surprise here, everyone is doing the best they can.  This can be a real problem, and no doubt will continue for the foreseeable future.
 We roll with a "No Bull, No Frills" approach, so if this happens, you will be the first to know.


3) Where does your product come from:

We go hunting locally and around the world, finding stock that we love and know you will love too.  We love to source locally however we often still need to use international suppliers, buying direct to cut out the middleman to bring better prices for everyone!


4) Why are your products so cheap:

Its simple.  We remove the fluff.  We believe in user pays, and we don't inflate prices to compensate for what might happen.  We don't offer things like free return's or fancy packaging.  We limit our promotional spending, letting our customers share the love and we don't run with an over stocked warehouse.
We do this, to ensure you get the best product at the best prices.


5) Do you offer refund or exchange:

We do, and are happy to offer.  However we don't pay for return postage and we don't refund freight costs so we can keep prices down.  
Plus our products are amazing, and you won't want to part with them once they arrive.

6) I don't recognize the brands:

In a lot of cases we didn't either.  What we do know though, is good quality product and great value.   We don't base the decision to range a product on the brand.  We base it on the quality / spec / customer reviews and value.  
We do the investigation and testing so you don't have to


 7) My product arrived but wasn't packaged how I expected it would be:

Part of our "No Frills" approach is we remove the expensive, unsustainable packaging that most retailers use.  This keeps our prices down.  Our only rule it that our suppliers provide and amazing product that arrives safely and in one piece.  


8) I only received part of my order:

Due to the various suppliers we source products from, items in your order may come in separate deliveries.  If this is the case, you would have received individual tracking information for each delivery.  

9) I can't find what I am after:

No problem.  New products become available all the time so feel free to return and check out whats new.  Otherwise if there is something you really need, head to the contact us page and let us know.  We will get the team to track it down and either load to the site or order just for you.  


Happy shopping