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The Beginners Guide To Bike Tools


There are a lot of costs that come with owning a bike. You might need to take it for regular maintenance, replace some parts, and even take it for repairs. One way you can make sure your ride stays in shape for a long time is by having the necessary tools.

With the right instruments, you can always put your bicycle back in shape when problems arise. Unlike most other costs, having a complete bike tool set is a one-off investment. This is simply because having the right bike tool kit would save you from a lot of expenses down the line.

Owning tools is not the only thing involved; you need to know how to effectively use them. With this guide, you would know how to get the right ones for your needs, and how to use them.

Chain Link

Chain Checker

Over the years, the speeds of cassettes have increased from 8 to 9, 10, 11 and 12. The price of cog sets has also steadily increased. In essence, inaccurately judging the lifetime of these components can be quite costly.

You wouldn’t want to dispose a fully functional component when it can still serve you for long. On the other hand, you also would not want to continue using defective chains. You can take the confusion out of all this by easily using a Chain Checker.

Bike Pump

This is an essential item for you to get. As long as you plan on using tyre on your ride (who wouldn’t?), then you really need to have one. All owners need standing floor pumps, mini pumps or frame pumps to help re-inflate a flat tyre on the road. When it comes to pumps, there are two main types of valve stems, Schrader and Presta. To make sure you don’t end up at a loss; get a pump that has dual heads for both.

Ball-end Allen Keys

This is a very important tool, especially if you are going to be doing a lot of screwing. With this, you can easily turn screws at an angle. They are harder than conventional screws and are quite accurate, ensuring that you don’t mash the bolt as you tighten them. They have narrow necks for the ball, making it easy for them to work at steeper angles.

Combination Spanners

This is a set with a combination of different spanners for different knot sizes. In a lot of instances, the ones you would use are 8, 9 and 10 mm. Having the other different sizes would come in handy when you encounter a bolt that doesn’t fit the conventional sizes. This way, you won’t be taken aback and left scratching your head for ideas.

Bike Parts


There are a lot of things you can do with pliers. Generally, we use them for gripping things. You can also use them to crimp cable ends and pull parts out so you can work on them more easily. Nose pliers are also very likely to come in handy. To be on the safe side, just get a set of three pliers with side cutters.

Cycle Repair Stand

You’ll understand the need for a repair stand when you try to lean your ride on a wall while repairing it. The stand is the foundation of all bicycle repair activities. If you can’t get your bicycle in the right position, you simply won’t be able to repair it. When shopping for a stand, be on the lookout for one that has a broad base, clamps to the seat post, and is quite adjustable.

Hex Keys

You can also call these Allen Keys, or Hex wrench. They come in different shapes, sizes and lengths. You can either get the traditional L-Shaped key from hardware stores. You can also get the P-shaped handle made by Park Tools.

There are also three way hex keys that give you three popular sized keys in one simple instrument. However, they can be quite difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces. You shouldn’t really go for them if you want a set of hex keys that can do it all.

Hex keys are not made specifically for just one type of cycle. Just make sure that you get a tool with enough quality that won’t ultimately round out. You should examine its leverage and length for the job.

Bike Multi Tool

If you are looking for a combination device, then you should seriously get a multi tool. Although they can’t fully replace individual ones, they would come in handy during emergencies on the road. Just one can have hexes, spoke wrenches, tyre levers, and a chain hook. This Swiss Army knife of maintenance is surely one that you can’t afford not to have.

Bike Torque Wrench

If your cycle is a high end one, then you really need this device. They are made specifically for wrenching on carbon fibre. With this device, you can tighten the bolts to the desired specification. This is important if you consider the fact that over tightening of the bolts can crack important parts and ultimately void warranties.


Bike Chain Tool

In the course of use, cycle chains can easily become entangled or broken up. You can easily resolve this by using a chain tool to remove links, or repair broken chains. A lot of toolsets come with one of these. If yours doesn’t have it, you can easily buy one separately.

Tyre Levers

When you need to change a tyre, you first need to remove them from the rim. This would be an uphill task without a tyre lever. With this device, you can easily remove tyre from their rim when you want to change a flat. You can usually find them in sets, but this doesn’t stop you from buying a separate device.

Chain Cleaner

Cleaning your cycle chain is usually an arduous process, and it involves a lot of dirt. You can rid yourself of the stress and the dirt by easily using a chain cleaner. Just run the chain through the chain cleaner and let the brushes work their magic.


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